May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This month has been a hard one for me. I’ve been grieving two humans in my life and having to except the loneliness of it all. But, I realized, per my therapist, this season is going to give me time to work on me. Time that I don’t normally give myself.

My therapist and I had a really good session the other day, something he said to me is to basically allow myself to feel everything in this season of loneliness, to allow myself to hurt and grieve and then rise from it.

I feel that I will come out from this even stronger. That I will grow and learn to actually like myself. I’m learning how important it is to be okay and enjoy your own company. That I need to be completely okay with myself, and then healing in my life can start to take place.

I’ve been reading this book, It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolym, it’s hands down the best book I’ve ever read so far. It’s so insightful about generational trauma. That’s something I want to work on currently….. A friend of mine asked me recently what my biggest fear in life was, my answer was that I wouldn’t be able to break the generational trauma in my family, I didn’t even know that would be my answer it just came out. Reading this book has been eye opening and I’m so excited to dive in and get some “work” done with it.

I think spending time alone can be beautiful in a way. You can find who you truly are without the judgment of others. You can show all of your emotions without fear.

So. I’m making plans, mostly with myself, but a few days with others. I’m working on myself. I’m trying to take this season of feeling lonely and then it around to be good, to be a season of healing.

If you’re feeling lonely or lost, you’re not alone and we got this, babes.


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