Grief is such a tricky battle. Everyone handles grief so differently.

Stages of grief can look like: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

It’s okay if your journey doesn’t happen in that order. It’s okay if you stay in one of those stages for a long time. However you handle grief is okay. There’s no right or wrong way to heal.

When my grandpa passed away a couple years ago, I just remember the sadness. I was also a bit younger.

When my grandma recently passed away, I was angry. When I first heard the news I went into a little bit of a state of shock(denial), but that only lasted a few hours for me. I was angry at a lot of situations going on behind the scenes that could have made the situation of her passing easier. I stayed angry for a few weeks, honestly. Which is okay.

It’s okay to let yourself feel everything that you’re feeling.

One of the things I said at the funeral when I spoke was that I know my grandpa’s last wish was for our family to be whole and feel like a family again, and how I couldn’t give that to him, but I think they’d both be proud of the progress I’ve made.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself the past two years. The planning process of this funeral was hard for many reasons, but I feel that I grew even more throughout this process.

It’s gonna be okay.

Remember you’re hurting because it matters. But, you’re going to get through this and come out even stronger on the other side.

We got this babes.


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