A letter to my younger self

Hey high school me,

You’re going to be okay.

You’re going to make it through the storms.

One day when you’re a little older you’re going to ask for help. It’s gonna be one of the hardest choices, but so worth it in the long run. MS will be good for you.

One day you’re gonna be brave enough to share what you’re going through right now in hopes to help other people.

That boy isn’t going to destroy you like you think. It’s just a high school romance. One day you’ll realize he wasn’t worth it and she wasn’t worth all the stress. She wasn’t worth doubting yourself and your worth. He didn’t deserve you.

You’re going to go through some more shit. But, you’re going to be okay. You’re going to fight through and come out even stronger.

You’re going to go to hair school like you always wanted.

You’re going to meet your best friend in hair school. She’s going to love you, even the broken pieces of you. She’s going to end up being there for you in the hardest moments and still love you through them.

19 will be your hardest year. But, you’re come out stronger and even more of a badass.

One day, after you had a bad break up, when you thought you’d give up boys, you’re going to meet a boy that will change your mind. Don’t give him up. You’re not gonna have an easy road with him, but so worth it.

I wish you could see now that all the crash diets are bad for you. That it’s going to lead to a life long journey of ED. But, you’ll learn to be okay in your own skin.

I wish you could see that things will get better.

You’re going to get better. I promise.

ILY, high school me. Be kinder to yourself 💜


Fun photo of me in high school.

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