Loving your body

I did a series on “how to love your body” on my old blog, but I also don’t know hoe to love my body all the time.

I did so many crash diets I can’t even name them all from age 12-22ish. Attempting to loose weight now is difficult because my mind wants to go back to all of those bad habits.

BUT. If you know me, I always say it’s fine, everything’s fine. And it will be, in time.

Loving your body is so tricky. Especially with social media. We see all of these beautiful woman and men, some that are completely photoshopped, and we create unhealthy standards in our minds that we need to look like that. When in reality all bodies are built differently and all bodies are beautiful.

I’m high school, and some after, I hated my body so much that I would carve words into my stomach. Looking back I feel so sad for that girl, the girl that was at such a war with herself that couldn’t just be happy for the way she looked. Dating an asshole didn’t help🥴 I always wished that I looked like the other girl. But still.

I wish all women and men could see themselves in a better light. See themselves for more than the outward appearance… I still struggle with that a lot, but I’m working on it.

We need to be kinder to ourselves. Our bodies will thank us. 💜

We got this babes.


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