Recovery is such a tricky topic. But, recovery is not linear. Recovery is your own journey.

I’ve been listening to a podcast by TWLOHA today episode 401. It’s been so eye opening and so helpful.

Walking through recovery with self injury is a hell of a battle. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Trauma can cause so many reactions, self injury is one of them.

Recovery can be a daily choice. Choosing to start each day new.

If you relapse, you’re not a failure. It’s going to be okay. I know it feels like you’ve failed and failed the people helping you, but you get to pick yourself up and start again tomorrow.

Look at all you’ve accomplished already. You’re doing amazing. Relapse or not. Recovery is a bitch, recovery of anything: substance abuse, self injury, anything.

Self care is a huge part of recovery, talking right to myself in this entire post, but especially here. I’m awful with self care. Self care doesn’t have to be going out and getting your nails done or your hair, but it can be spending quiet time, taking a break from work, meditation, actually saying no when you want to and sticking to boundaries; self care is a necessity when in recovery.

It’s never too late to start your recovery.

Your story is important, and with sharing it you never know who else you could be helping, even sharing the “messy” or “bad” parts of your story, sometimes those are the best parts.

I came across TWLOHA when I was probably 12-13, I’ve always loved it. It’s a non profit for mental health. They do amazing work and help so many people. Their podcasts are wonderful.

If you need immediate help, text TWLOHA to 741741. Or the suicide crisis hotline: (800)273-8255

Check out this song: Better Now, by The Juliana Theory.

You got this, babe.


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