Medication for mental health

I know some people think that taking medication is such a bad thing, but it can be such a life changer. Taking medication can literally save your life. It doesn’t always have to be a permanent solution.

My favorite psych once told me, “all of this medication is going to help but it’s just going to cover the pain, you have to uncover the pain and work through it in therapy to fully get better.”

I started back in therapy after that. And I’ve improved significantly. Still on meds, and I have no problem saying that. Yes, I struggle with mental health. Yes, I have medicine for it. And that’s okay.

There shouldn’t be this big stigma around taking medication to get help for yourself…. If you broke your arm, you would take the medicine your doctor recommended you… so why not take the medicine your doctor recommended for your brain? It should be just as normal.

Being in a constant war with your brain is no fun. Give yourself a brake. You got this, babes. Make whatever choice is right for you and don’t let anyone sway you differently.

Stay strong, babes.


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