Hi. I’m Sarah.

I’m 26. I’m a hairstylist and a barista. Im married and a dog momma. Come get to know me💜

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My Latest Posts

  • Dear D
    I don’t talk about you, really. Only a handful of people know about you and know what happened. What you did to me. I was in your area last night, or where you used to be, I have been before, but last night was different for some reason. Last night everything came back to me.Continue reading “Dear D”
  • Recovery
    Recovery is such a tricky topic. But, recovery is not linear. Recovery is your own journey. I’ve been listening to a podcast by TWLOHA today episode 401. It’s been so eye opening and so helpful. Walking through recovery with self injury is a hell of a battle. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Trauma canContinue reading “Recovery”
  • H O L I D A Y S
    Christmas is almost here. The anxiety is real, y’all. For many reasons, anxiety with hosting, anxiety with trauma, anxiety with family. The holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of year” but for a lot of people this time of year is really hard. When you’re little Christmas is such a magical day,Continue reading “H O L I D A Y S”
  • Holiday Blues
    It’s 100% okay to not feel “holly jolly” this Christmas season. Everyone has their battles. You don’t need to explain to anyone why. Why you don’t want to go to that party. Why you don’t want to go to the family get together. Why you just want to stay home instead. You don’t owe anyoneContinue reading “Holiday Blues”
  • You’re allowed
    You’re allowed to tell your story. You’re allowed to talk about how they hurt you. You’re allowed to express your pain and your fears. You’re allowed to not be okay. In a world where most people try to act like they have everything together I think it’s important to know that it’s okay if youContinue reading “You’re allowed”
  • TW: sexual assault
    Last week at work a girl looked at me and said “can I ask you something personal?” So I said of course, she said “did you ever report it?” … I obviously knew what she was talking about. So I told her No, I did not. The assault when I was a child my parentsContinue reading “TW: sexual assault”
  • Self Harming
    The first time I ever self injured was in October when I was 13….I went on to continue this from 13 to 25. It’s still a battle, but I’m working on it. I’m working on it for myself, my husband, and our future kids. The thing about self harming is that people think its forContinue reading “Self Harming”
  • Purity Culture
     Purity Culture: “Purity culture” is the term often used for the evangelical movement that attempts to promote a biblical view of purity by discouraging dating and promoting virginity before marriage, often through the use of tools such as purity pledges, symbols such as purity rings, and events such as purity balls. This is such a toxicContinue reading “Purity Culture”
  • Medication for mental health
    I know some people think that taking medication is such a bad thing, but it can be such a life changer. Taking medication can literally save your life. It doesn’t always have to be a permanent solution. My favorite psych once told me, “all of this medication is going to help but it’s just goingContinue reading “Medication for mental health”
  • Get to know me
    Hairstylist of 7 years Barista on and off for 6 years Married to an amazing man for almost 3 years Dog momma🐾 Big advocate for mental health My favorite color is purple💜 I love lazy days: binge watching Netflix while in bed. I grew up in Delaware so I love the cold. I love makingContinue reading “Get to know me”